Pink Pomelo has been feeding Film & TV crews since 2008. Our years serving this industry have furnished us with rich experience, knowledge and understanding of location catering. Each production’s unique logistical challenge engages our core skills in always providing quality wholesome hot food where and when it is required.

We have trekked across cities, mountains, islands, quarries, beaches, forests, rivers, swamps, through stormy weather, in sub zero conditions to feed our film crews and we have loved the journey so far with all its adventures and the challenges it has presented.

We have an expansive flexible menu with a strong focus on healthier meal options and we pay special attention to creating exciting menus for vegans and vegetarians and everything is prepared and cooked fresh every day.

Our skills are based on great experience backed up by clean well-appointed kitchens and a friendly team who deliver a professional service.

For Pink Pomelo Film location catering is the love and care that we put into our food each day to make a happy crew..